Public Records Request

Public Records

Washington County provides access to its public records in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 149.43. You are entitled to review and/or obtain copies of available records, subject to certain exceptions. For birth and death records, for example, you must visit the birth and death record page instead.

Not available for review as public records are those that are required by Federal or State law to remain confidential.

Please note that although you are not required to fill out a form or provide your name we may be unable to fulfill online requests without some means of contacting you. If you wish to make a request for public records without providing such information, please consider an alternative method of making your request.

There are a variety of ways to request access to public records in Washington County, including:

  • Submit your request online
  • Mail your request to:

Ben Cowdery
Clerk, Washington County Commissioners
223 Putnam St
Marietta, Ohio 45750

  • Call the department from which records are requested

Reasonable fees are charged for copies of public records. There is no charge for on-site review of records or electronic transmission of records (subject to availability). Requests must be for specific records and will be forwarded to the appropriate department upon receipt. Records will be provided in a timely manner.

Questions or concerns may be addressed to the Washington County Commissioners by calling (740) 373-6623.