Review and Adjustment

Review & Adjustment (Modification) of a Child Support Order

R&A is when the CSEA employee looks at the current financial information of both parents to determine whether or not the child support and medical order should be changed.

Child support orders can be reviewed by the CSEA every 36 months, or sooner if there is a qualifying change in circumstances. Either parent or guardian can ask for a change in the order.

The CSEA will calculate the support obligations of the parents using the Ohio Child Support Guidelines. Based upon these calculations, the CSEA may recommend that the support amount go up, go down or remain the same. The CSEA may also recommend adding or changing provisions for the children's health care needs through health insurance and/or cash medical obligations.

For more information about the review and adjustment process, including the form needed to apply for a change to the support order, please visit the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services website.