Covid-19 Statement from County Recorder Tracey Wright:

In an effort to comply with guidelines being issued to protect everyone from the Corona virus and still maintain daily work processes, the Washington County Recorder’s Office has limited the number of persons permitted to perform records searches at once.  You must call ahead to schedule a time to work.  Please call 740-373-6623 ext:  2223 or 2224.  Should you have recordings not requiring the Tax Map or Auditor’s Offices, you may bring them to our office. Everyone entering the building is required (via journal entry from the judges) to submit to a Health Screening Process, which will take place at the security gate. This entails having your temperature taken via forehead sensor, and answering a brief questionnaire concerning recent activities.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!  Stay safe! 

Tracey Wright,

Washington County Recorder

About the Recorder

In Ohio it is the county recorder who has the important and indispensable task of keeping the vital records pertaining to ownership in real estate (land) and to all encumbrances or liens upon it. Without the work of the county recorder in recording, safekeeping, and organizing all documents in a competent and logical manner, it would be nearly impossible to purchase land and be assured of a clear title or to lend money with land as security.

Records Search

To do a records search at the Recorder’s Office, visit our online records search website.

Responsibilities of the Recorder

Your county recorder:

  • Makes a complete, accurate, and permanent record of every document pertaining to the conveyance and encumbrance of land within the county
  • Maintains permanent land records, retains them in archival form, and makes them constantly accessible to the public
  • Enforces more than 1000 sections of state law in the Ohio Revised Code pertaining to the duties of the Recorder’s Office
  • Takes great care to ensure that every document received is accurately filed, recorded and indexed
  • Serves on the county’s Records Commission which authorizes the retention of county records and determines when or how these government records may be disposed
  • Serves on the county’s Automatic Data Processing Board* to authorize any purchase, lease, or contract for data processing equipment for county offices
  • Collects fees for documents filed in the Recorder’s office and pays these monies into the county’s general fund
  • Maintains an accurate record of all monies appropriated to the Recorder’s office for its operation
  • Performs all accounting functions necessary to the operation of the Recorder’s office including preparation of annual budgets and reports, vouchers, purchase orders, etc., and maintains all payroll records, sick and vacation leave records and other records pertaining to the Recorder’s staff
  • Files annually an ethics report, inventory of office equipment, affirmative action report, depository agreements for funds and every other report as required by law
  • Notifies boards of county commissioners and township trustees annually of their duty to file zoning resolutions, maps and amendments