Victim Witness Program

Services Provided

The Victim Assistance office was established in 1981 and diligently continues to provide victims of crime with notifications, support and advocacy services. Victim Assistance works with local advocates and community based victim programs to ensure that all victims of crime who have requested services, receive the compassionate and individual attention and advocacy that they require.

Civil Protection Orders

Victim Impact Statements

Victim Impact Statements serve as the victim's voice in the courtroom. These forms let the judges know how this crime has impacted you and your family and the effect it has had on your lives. Judges use Victim Impact Statements to determine the seriousness of the crime and they do take the victim's feelings into consideration when rendering a final decision.

For your information you may download a copy of the Victim Impact Statement (PDF) and bring it to our office. We will help you complete it if necessary.

State Laws

For state laws concerning Victim's Rights and Assistance, visit the State of Ohio Attorney General's Office.