Goals Statement

Juvenile Center Goals

The goals of the Washington County Juvenile Center are:

  • To provide a safe residential environment where delinquent youth receive professional help and support to address their problems
  • To divert adjudicated felony level delinquent youth to the Washington County Juvenile Center in lieu of a commitment to the Ohio Department of Youth Services or out of county placement
  • To improve the youth's academic standing through a strong educational program
  • To provide each youth with drug and alcohol counseling as appropriate
  • To provide each youth with individual and family counseling
  • To meet the physical and mental health needs of each youth
  • To provide comprehensive treatment and aftercare plans for each youth
  • To provide a life skills curriculum that helps to facilitate successful transition upon completion of the Washington County Juvenile Center Program
  • To ensure that each youth has cultural, social, and recreational opportunities
  • To ensure that each youth contributes to the community by participating in community service projects for nonprofit entities
  • To provide voluntary opportunities for spiritual enrichment through nondenominational church service
  • To improve communication between the youth and his parents through counseling and parenting classes
  • To encourage parent participation in parent education, visitation, and family activities
  • To work with local agencies and schools in order to provide therapeutic programming and services which begin at the Center and continue after release