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Titles in the Book Collection   

(25 titles, 50 total editions)

Anderson's Ohio Civil Practice with Forms, Volumes 1-5, 2022

Anderson's Ohio Consumer Law Manual, 2020

Anderson's Ohio Creditor's Rights Manual, 2019

Anderson's Ohio Personal Injury Litigation Manual, 2022

Anderson's Ohio School Finance, a Practitioner Guide, 5th ed. 2013

Anderson's Ohio School Law Manual, 2023

Constitution of the United States, 2022

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 2022

Federal Rules of Evidence, 2022

Immigration Compliance and Best Practices, 2019

Kentucky Evidence Courtroom Manual, 2020-2021

Ohio Annotated Bankruptcy Law Handbook, 2022-2023

Ohio Bankruptcy Handbook, 2017

Ohio Insurance Law Handbook, 2022

Ohio Liquor Laws and Rules, Annotated, 2019

Ohio Transaction Guide-Legal Forms, Volumes 1-15, TTT, 2023

Representing People with Mental Disabilities, 2019

Sixth Circuit Criminal Handbook, 2022

Understanding Criminal Law, 2022

Understanding Criminal Procedure, Vol. 2: Adjudication, 2012

Understanding Family Law, 2013

Understanding Modern Real Estate Transactions, 2020

Understanding the Law of the Zoning and Land Use Controls, 2013

Understanding Trusts and Estates, 2023

United States Code Service, Internal Revenue Code, "Lawyers Edition", 2022